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What's the price of your knowledge or how much should you charge for a tutoring lesson?

What's the price of your knowledge or how much should you charge for a tutoring lesson?

Lummie | 07 Jun 2018 | Blog

Factors that influence on how much can a tutor charge for a lesson are mainly: location, which type of a lesson or a course it is, more or less popular, and of course experience. The average hourly price at Lummie is about 13 euros, also prices vary from a few to several dozen euros. But, is lower price really a key decision maker? Yes and no! Parents who mostly hire tutors and who want best for their children, usually tend to hire those who don't have the lowest price. Really? - Here are the two stories which confirm this.

A student asked his professor if he could help him in finding a tutor for a topic which caused him problems. The professor, who had many tutor acquaintances, suggested two of them. The first tutor was a teacher by profession, who placed his price for 20 euros per hour, while the second tutor did tutoring just on the side, had no special background and charged 42 euros for an hour.

The choice should therefore be easy. However, the student's parents decided for the latter, that is, the more expensive one. The professor was surprised and assumed that the parents probably did not entrust a tutor who probably did not trust enough in his ability to charge more than 20 euros.

The other story is about childhood aspirin. A retailer of aspirin for young children has been the market leader for many years until competitors began selling a similar drug at a higher price. Parents who are very protective and only want best for their children started buying a more expensive drug. Surprised? Actually, it is commonly perceived that people mainly believe that quality almost certainly goes with high price. And how did the dealer, who was until recently the market leader, react to this? He tripled his price and the sales began to increase again.

Of course, the higher cost of a tutoring lesson does not always mean higher quality. With the stories above I just wanted to show how we usually decide when we want to hire a tutor. So, tutors – the price is a major decision factor, but the greatest decision maker is certainly the quality of your lesson and your references. You know what they say, a good word goes a long way! Therefore, at Lummie, we allow students and parents to comment and evaluate their experience with you. Comments and grades are than visible to anyone who want to hire you for a lesson.



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