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Lummie on social networking sites

Lummie on social networking sites

Lummie | 25 Aug 2017 | News

According to Reflketor Marketing, social networking sites will be one of the most important marketing channels in the 21st century, as more than 2 billion people are using social media in the world at the moment. Social media sites play a great role in modern society in promoting and creating the companies public image. They are a much more relaxed communication channel than any traditional one, also individuals use social network for entertainment which means that all content (even at companies) is considered in a more positive and enthusiastic way.

In Lummie, we also try to present our platform, services and content in a relaxed and fun way, so we are present on many social networking sites. The first and very important site is Facebook, which we started to use right at the beginning of our work. First we started publishing in English, but later on due to the appearance and ease of communication in the Slovenian market, we just recently opened the Slovenian Facebook page.

We also use Youtube, where we for our videos created our own Lummie channel where we try to present our ideas, the way our portal works in a fun and humorous manner and also present our teachers, such as Leon who teaches guitar or Tajda who trains horse riding.

To our loyal followers, of which the number is growing every day, we share our daily information, photos and fun attractions on Instagram. We promote mainly business and operational information on LinkedIn.

Since we invest a lot of time and effort in all our social networking channels, relevant content and knowledge of our target groups is of great importance to us. If you are going to visit some of our channels, we will be very pleased, we would also welcome any kind of feedback.


Andreja Knez
Andreja Knez 15 Sep 2017

Ja res je!
Vedno več ljudi je ki iščejo/mo inštruktorje! Bravo Lummie za tole platformo!

Anže Špegel
Anže Špegel 19 Sep 2017

Se strinjam


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