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Lummie is back!

Lummie is back!

Matjaž Knez, CEO | 15 May 2018 | Important

After a long vacation, Lummie team is working again in full mode, this time renewed with a new, fresh team, new plans and with the goal of becoming the greatest platform of knowledge in the region.

It is widely known that more and more people are aware of the importance of non-formal education. We all know that your skills and knowledge open doors for great employment opportunities and impact on the level of your income. Knowledge is a capital that no one can take away from you. That's why, educate yourself, gain new knowledge and most importantly, share your skills on Lummie platform!

Lummie team is here to help you on your way of gaining knowledge of the best of teachers worldwide or becoming one itself.

On this occasion, we decided to offer all new registered tutors, trainers and instructors mega special discounts! The basic package is now absolutely free of charge for the whole year, also we are offering special discounts on other two packages.

Since we absolutely respect and protect your privacy and personal data, we have updated our Terms and conditions in coordination with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. With this you can teach & learn completely without worrying about safety.

And let's not forget! In the upcoming weeks, Lummie will also giveaway special prizes.

Stay tuned for more, visit our platform and follow us on Facebook, Instragram and LinkedIn.

Looking forward to your likes, shares and comments!


Matjaž Knez




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