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Our great supporter and dearest friend from USA - Dr. Sopphie Essay

Our great supporter and dearest friend from USA - Dr. Sopphie Essay

Lummie | 04 Sep 2017 | News

Every beginning is difficult and of this, we are also aware at Lummie. Every kind of support at the very beginning, especially when you are entering a startup business environment of which you are unknown, gives you wind into your sails and new energy.

Our team members have in our environments, where we live and work very much support, nowadays after the entry of the new owner (publishing house) Delo d. o. o, even more. Here, in particular we – Lummie team members would like to expose our friend from the United States Dr. Sopphie Essay. She is an academic and female entrepreneur who recognized us as potential at the very beginning, when we started to appear on social networks.

For Sopphie we made an interesting interview, which has been published on her very popular blog. The article is still amongst one of her best-read articles. This was a great recognition for us at that time and an opportunity to become known in the USA. Due to this article, there were many new sign ups on our web-portal from USA and also abroad.

Dr. Sophie Essay

Dear Sophie,

Lummie appreciates your support and looks forward to further cooperation. At the same time we would take this opportunity to invite everyone to visit her interesting blog.


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