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DELO became a co-founder of Lummie

DELO became a co-founder of Lummie

Lummie | 18 Aug 2017 | Important

A few days ago, Delo became a formal co-owner of Lummie d.o.o. In January this year, we applied for the DELO STARTUP competition, organized by Delo, which recently entered the world of startups. We were selected among the companies in which DELO decide to invest in the future.

Let's introduce you to Delo startup studio, in case you have not read or heard about it yet! It is a project where young startups provide a place where traditions, experiences, knowledge and new ideas can be met, as they say in Delo. Additionally, at Delo they financially support a good idea, and lead it to media recognition. Delo startup studio is looking for mostly new and interesting projects related to media content and their distribution.

There we met Niko Klanšek,

who has become familiar to us and the Slovenian public, long before Lummie project, as far as we can remember, he was placed on the map of prominent Slovenian startups, with technological innovation Smart Wheel, a smart bike (flykly), which has on Kickstarter - a crowdfunding platform, experienced great success. Go Niko!

Niko Klanšek has for Delo startup studio conducted our first interview, introduced our idea to the management of Delo, was our supporter and consultant until the signing of the contract. Niko is now also helping us in the preparation of an advertising campaign, for which we are extremely grateful. We would also like to recommend him for consultant of Startups which go through the phases of introducing the product to the market and for many, many more.

What does partnership with Delo mean to us?

For Lummie and the team, the signing of the contract means a new turning point in the company's short history, as this is the first investment we received from our new partner. With the cooperation itself, due to the great team that is in the Startup Studio, the names and reputation of Delo and energy, which we are gaining, Lummie not only receives financial support, but also a network of experienced mentors. Also, our Lummie platform and advertising instructors will be promoted in the Slovenian media in a way that they would not be able to afford without this current offer. In addition, the co-ownership of Delo is also a confirmation that the idea is right and gives Lummie an increasing reputation and recognition.

So, dear readers of our Lummie blog, if you would like to share your business idea with investors, we definitely recommend Delo startup studio. Send them a business plan and an exact description of the status of the project by e-mail: We did this, and the Lummie project continues on at a higher speed.


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