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Lummie team

We are a group of creative, work-driven professionals, who are completely in love with their jobs. Our field of expertise includes research, development, design, community and anything that make our Lummie members happy.

Matjaž (CEO, co-founder)

Matjaž Knez

Matjaž Knez is the CEO and co-founder of Lummie. As the idea leader, I amresponsible for company's overall vision and strategy as well as day-to- day operations. I am a devoted family person, but also a faculty professor with a PhD in logistics. My research interests fall broadly within the field of sustainability. As a driving force of Lummie, I am responsible for everything that Lummie is about.

Vaska (Executive assistant to CEO, co-founder)

Vaska Pejić

Vaska Pejić is executive assistant to CEO and a co-founder of Lummie. I have a PhD in the field of system logistics, more specific lean and green logistics. My other interests include organization and management of business processes. I love working with people and motivating them. Bringing creativity into any environment is a challenge I cannot withstand.

Matic (Graphic designer & co-founder)

Matic Gabriel

Matic Gabriel is co-founder, Lummie's graphic designer and marketing professional. Since the beginning, I have focused on simplicity and inspiring creativity through solving problems with thoughtful brand design. At Lummie, I am also in charge of marketing, particularly social media marketing. Prior to founding Lummie, I’ve gained lots of experience in graphic design, photography, filming videos and short-movies. As I’m currently also studying business, I also provide Lummie with my knowledge on business management and strategy.

Anže (R&D developer, co-founder)

Anže Špegel

Anže Špegel is the R&D developer and co-founder of Lummie. As the head of R&D, I focus on building Lummie's services which bring out the creativity in all of us. I have lots of experience in computer programming, multimedia production, and 3D animation and in filming and directing commercials,

FRANC PRELOŽNIK, Podjetje Etra, d. o. o. (ICT support, co-founder)


ETRA, d. o. o. is a co-founder and provides Lummi with a comprehensive ICT support. Employing 50 people, it is one of Slovenia’s leading companies in industrial automation, process control and electric devices field.The company obtains many references in Slovenia and abroad (e.g. Holzindustrie Leitinger, GmbH, Empfinger Rindenmulch, Scherf Gmbh & Co KG, Mettler-Toledo International, Inc., Henkel CEE, GmbH and the like). ETRA is in charge of our state-of- the-art and user-friendly web portal lummi-

Delo d.o.o. (Co-owner)


Delo d.o.o. is a leading and most influential news media company on the Slovenian media market with the most comprehensive and complete portfolio of newspapers, newspaper supplements, news web-pages and applications who are the market leaders in their respective segments. The company plays an important role in shaping the public opinion, because in our editions we provide our readers with qualitative and timely information every day; we promote a reading culture and awareness in the population, and therefore enable the widest context of social discourse. Media house Delo, d.o.o. through its wide array of content reaches various segment of consumers on print, web, mobile and tablet platforms. In this way, the content is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and every day in the year. In addition, Delo is the organizer of many cultural, charity, sports, and other events which are an important part of yearly positioning of Delo’s brands, among its consumer segments in the Slovenian market. More about Delo:


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