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No. 1 global knowledge marketplace

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Avaible service anywhere and anytime

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  • Lummie is back!

    Lummie is back!

    May 15, 2018
    After a long vacation, Lummie team is working again in full mode, this time renewed with a new, fresh team, new plans and with the goal of becoming the greatest platform of knowledge in the region. It is widely known that more and more people are aware of the importance of non-formal education. We all know that your skills and knowledge open doors for great employment opportunities and impact on the level of your income. Knowledge is a capital that no one can take away from you. That's why, educate yourself, gain new knowledge and most importantly, share your skills on Lummie platform! Lummie team is here to help you on your way of gaining knowledge of the best of teachers worldwide or becoming one itself. On this occasion, we decided to offer all new registered tutors, trainers and instructors mega special discounts! The basic package is now absolutely free of charge for the whole year, also we are offering special discounts on other two packages. Since we absolutely respect and protect your privacy and personal data, we have updated our Terms and conditions in coordination with the EU General Data Protection Regulation. With this you can teach & learn completely without worrying about safety. And let's not forget! In the upcoming weeks, Lummie will also giveaway special prizes.   Stay tuned for more, visit our platform and follow us on Facebook, Instragram and LinkedIn. Looking forward to your likes, shares and comments!   Matjaž Knez CEO  

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    Sept. 27, 2017
    Have a lot of knowledge, have different skills? ... but don't know how to earn money? Would you like to teach, coach or train someone? … but have no idea how to start with this kind of business, how can it be advertised? Do you want to start right now and want to make sure that customers will be standing in line? These are the questions that we often ask ourselves, especially when we want to change something, when we are dissatisfied or inspired by optimism, when we know that we know and can. Than we often withdraw some of this actions or convince ourselves that perhaps it's not a good time and that it's still not that Monday, when we really start. If you answered »yes«; to the above three questions, then Lummie team, which launched the largest platform for advertising teachers, trainers, coaches and instructors, says: "Now is the right time to take action! Beat those feelings that say: »No, it's not the right time yet.« For you, we have prepared an e-book entitled "Three simple tips on how to make easy money by selling your own knowledge". In the book we briefly describe how to earn money, solely on the basis of realizing your previous knowledge and skills which you acquire. We present Lummie, a web portal that enables you to practice and sell your knowledge, practically from any field, from mathematics, to dancing to cake decoration and renovating furniture, etc. and offering it to those who ask for these kind of knowledge and/or skills. Lummie is an online platform, a meeting point for knowledge from all areas. It offers teachers, trainers and coaches to quickly and easily submit an ad for knowledge and skills which they offer. For knowledge seekers it offers easy and fast search engine and reservation. In the e-book we also describe who can participate in the Lummie platform and how is with the legislation regarding activities registration. We describe starting activities right after signing up at Lummie platform, that you can quickly start doing what you are good at, what you like doing and at the same time making money. So, if you want to work, if you want to change or improve your life and if you want to start immediately, then we advise you to read our E-book as soon as possible. Lummie e-book is provided by Lummie team free of charge, however, if you want to be informed about news on Lummie platform and get acquainted with topics in the field of education, training and related events, please subscribe to our newsletter. It's time to take things into your own hands! It's time for action! It's time for Lummie!

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  • Our great supporter and dearest friend from USA - Dr. Sopphie Essay

    Our great supporter and dearest friend from USA - Dr. Sopphie Essay

    Sept. 4, 2017
    Every beginning is difficult and of this, we are also aware at Lummie. Every kind of support at the very beginning, especially when you are entering a startup business environment of which you are unknown, gives you wind into your sails and new energy. Our team members have in our environments, where we live and work very much support, nowadays after the entry of the new owner (publishing house) Delo d. o. o, even more. Here, in particular we – Lummie team members would like to expose our friend from the United States Dr. Sopphie Essay. She is an academic and female entrepreneur who recognized us as potential at the very beginning, when we started to appear on social networks. For Sopphie we made an interesting interview, which has been published on her very popular blog. The article is still amongst one of her best-read articles. This was a great recognition for us at that time and an opportunity to become known in the USA. Due to this article, there were many new sign ups on our web-portal from USA and also abroad. Dear Sophie, Lummie appreciates your support and looks forward to further cooperation. At the same time we would take this opportunity to invite everyone to visit her interesting blog.

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  • Lummie on social networking sites

    Lummie on social networking sites

    Aug. 25, 2017
    According to Reflketor Marketing, social networking sites will be one of the most important marketing channels in the 21st century, as more than 2 billion people are using social media in the world at the moment. Social media sites play a great role in modern society in promoting and creating the companies public image. They are a much more relaxed communication channel than any traditional one, also individuals use social network for entertainment which means that all content (even at companies) is considered in a more positive and enthusiastic way. In Lummie, we also try to present our platform, services and content in a relaxed and fun way, so we are present on many social networking sites. The first and very important site is Facebook, which we started to use right at the beginning of our work. First we started publishing in English, but later on due to the appearance and ease of communication in the Slovenian market, we just recently opened the Slovenian Facebook page. We also use Youtube, where we for our videos created our own Lummie channel where we try to present our ideas, the way our portal works in a fun and humorous manner and also present our teachers, such as Leon who teaches guitar or Tajda who trains horse riding. To our loyal followers, of which the number is growing every day, we share our daily information, photos and fun attractions on Instagram. We promote mainly business and operational information on LinkedIn. Since we invest a lot of time and effort in all our social networking channels, relevant content and knowledge of our target groups is of great importance to us. If you are going to visit some of our channels, we will be very pleased, we would also welcome any kind of feedback.

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